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Web Design Tricks / Trends to Grow Your Business

In this article, you will learn the amazing web design tricks / trends, which can help you make an effective connection to you target audiences, and finally grow your business.

Web Design Tricks / Trends to Grow Your Business
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Web Design is obviously playing an important role of your online presence. A strong website design is essential in creating a trustworthiness of your brand to your target audience. Your online visitors will have a more positive experience throughout your website with a good website design structure, and making them more likely to complete a purchase on your products or a subscription on your services.

Here are the web design and UX tricks / trends, which suggested by Gabriel Shaoolian that may effectively grow your business.

1. Video in Landing Page
A video in landing page can be used as call to action on a particular web page (product, promotion and etc...) or create an immersive video that auto-plays on your homepage. Either of these approaches can provide information or enhance your brand identity.


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2. Parallax Scrolling
Parallax scrolling is a technique, where the website background objects moving at a slower / faster rate than the foreground objects, to create a 3D effect while user scroll. It could be effectively used to priotize your website content, which increases your user's likelihood of seeing everything with simple swipe / scroll.

3. Animated Calls to Action
Call to action (CTA) is an instruction that motivates your audience on how to take the next step and create a sense of urgency around the offer, usually using an imperative verb like "call now", "find out more" or "visit a store today". An call to action button / instruction with animation could be more effective than the traditional CTAs on grabing the vistor`s attention and, finally entices them to click and perform an action, whether to make a purchase, start a trial, or sign up for an account.

4. Custom Font
There is no doubt that every website needs text to deliver the message to their target audience. It could enhance your branding identity with a unique typography and cleary deliver the vision and mood with the combination of custom and basic stock fonts.


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5. Artificial Intelligence
Using AI like Chatbots made the communication process more natural and easier to interact with a website. If you want to stay in trend, consider implementing chatbot while developing a website.

There is no doubt that having a website is essential way to expose yourself or your company to outside the world. With the implementation of the features / tricks above could enhance your website user experience, and ultimately grow your business.

Need a website with the latest trends and tricks that mentioned above? Feel free to request a quotaion if you are interested on having a new or revamping your existing website and we also offer the affordable web packages, which including web hosting, web design as well as CMS.